Taurine is considered as a non-essential amino acid. It was discovered in 1827 in bull bile, which gave it its name. Particularly abundant in the body, it is not used in protein synthesis. Derived from another amino acid, cysteine, it is present in animal products such as meat, fish, seafood, milk and dairy products. In contrast, foods of plant origin are virtually free of cysteine.

In the general population, the body's need for taurine is covered by a daily intake of around 100 mg.

The benefits

        • Taurine plays a role in many functions.
        • It is, for example, involved in the process of eliminating cholesterol by the liver.
  • Considered as a neurotransmitter, taurine is known for its beneficial effects both on cardiac functions - it reinforces the contractility of the heart - and on muscular functions. In addition, during heavy physical efforts, taurine has a detoxifying effect by promoting the elimination of toxins produced by the metabolism of sugars and fats.


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