The Lignaform method

The Lignaform method

The LIGNAFORM method allows for individualized management of overweight. It is based on 4 main principles and requires the support of a health professional.

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Number of products : 1-12 of 182

The Lignaform® Method

1. Diagnosis of dietary errors and micronutritional rebalancing

This essential first step aims to identify the most common dietary errors and to address micronutrient deficiencies that may make weight loss more difficult or compromise long-term weight balance. Your health professional may suggest that you fill out the QUIDAM and QUADO questionnaires, both of which are scientifically validated, which will enable him or her to diagnose your dietary errors, micronutritional deficiencies and imbalances in neuro-mediators.

2. Managing your emotions

A motivational and cognitive-behavioural approach must be put in place from the very beginning of your treatment in order to obtain quick and lasting results.

Your healthcare professional may suggest that you fill out two questionnaires, the PEG (Global Emotional Profile) and the PEN (Nutritional Emotional Profile), both of which are scientifically validated. This will enable him/her to evaluate your motivation, your obstacles, your self-confidence... in order to offer you individualized and adapted support.

3. Sustainable weight loss in several stages

The LIGNAFORM method consists of an active weight loss program, allowing a rapid weight loss of 2 to 5 kilos per week, and a selective program leading to slower weight loss.

In a second step, the food rehabilitation program, combined with a return to physical activity, allows the weight to be maintained while reintroducing certain foods into the diet. Dietary re-education takes place in several progressive and individualized stages.

4. Balance program

The final phase of the LIGNAFORM method is a personalised balance programme, allowing you to maintain your fitness weight over the long term thanks to dietary advice, physical activity recommendations, micronutritional supplementation and an individualised programme for managing your emotions.

Laboratoire THERASCIENCE specializes in the development of high quality nutritional products, made from proteins selected for their high nutritional qualities. The LIGNAFORM method is advised by health professionals; it is based on innovative diagnostic questionnaires for micronutritional (QUADO), nutritional (QUIDAM) and emotional management (PEG and PEN) orientation for a global, personalised and effective treatment.

Some products in the LIGNAFORM brand require a Certificate of Non-Contraindication (CNCI). This is in the form of a secure and personal code given by your doctor. To find out more : click on CNCI.

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