Become a Therascience Practitioner

Become a Therascience Practitioner

Why choose Therascience Laboratory? Discover the benefits of becoming a healthcare professional expert in Physionutrition and functional medicine!


1.  Your dedicated professional space 

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Medical-scientific tools developed by healthcare professionals experts for your daily practice:
Benefit from personalized support in your daily practice with high-performance, scientifically validated tools and advice to help you develop your market

Our ambition is to support healthcare professionals worldwide by offering solutions to optimize their consultations and patient care.


As a partner of Therascience Laboratory, you have access to quality medical-educational content and tailored support that will help you overcome obstacles in your practice and offer high-performance, personalized medical follow-up to your patients.


In this personalized and secure space, you will find diagnostic orientation and patient support tools created by doctors and professors who are experts in their field, to meet your needs through:

  • Scientific computerized questionnaires ;
  • Marketing and scientific materials  (advice sheets, protocols, scientific watch ...)


2. E Learning  & Webinar (Coming soon)

Deepen your medical-scientific knowledge ! Our mission: Train our partners for success!

Continuing Medical Education for healthcare professionals is one of Therascience Laboratory's top priorities.

n partnership with a committee of scientific experts, we share our expertise and the latest scientific advances through our e-learning platform and our center of excellence for scientific information and training, the "Therascience Institute."

e-learning webinar

Our platform will be accessible for free to healthcare professionals who want to learn at their own pace about the fundamentals of Physionutrition & functional medicine and benefit from the unique know-how of the Therascience group.


The e-learning space is exclusively reserved for Therascience Healthcare Professionals.


As soon as you create an account, you will have access, live and on replay, to our webinars, training cycles, e-learning, and recent scientific information.




3. Personnalized support for your product and/ or scientific questions 


Benefit from the support of your dedicated representative !

Therascience Laboratory's medical representatives are there to accompany you by offering their expertise, up-to-date information on our health products, and scientific tools to optimize patient care.

Contact us for any questions, and we will be happy to put you in touch with the representative in your region to meet your specific needs

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