Who are we?

Who are we ?

The THERASCIENCE Laboratory, created in 1998 by Dr Jean- Pierre Agarra, has specialized for 25 years in research, development and manufacture of food supplements, herbal medicine, and dietetic products.

Jean-Pierre Agarra

The THERASCIENCE Laboratory was created in 1998 by Dr. Jean-Pierre Agarra, anxious to offer his patients a care approach based on the prevention, support and treatment of numerous pathologies or risk situations (obesity, cardiovascular, metabolic, digestive system, osteo-articular, neurodegenerative, ageing, etc.); overweight people, athletes, pregnant women, children, teenagers...) through the treatment of imbalances and deficiencies in micro- and macronutrients and also through Phytotherapy.

«All the references of the THERASCIENCE Laboratory are unique and are based on the latest scientific advances. »

The THERASCIENCE Laboratory, an expert in Physio-nutrition, has been specialised for 25 years in the research, development and manufacture of food supplements, phytotherapy and dietetic products.
Each nutritional supplement from the THERASCIENCE Laboratory is elaborated by a high level, independent and multidisciplinary scientific committee, composed of nutrition experts, researchers, university professors, doctors, pharmacists and food engineers.

The THERASCIENCE Laboratory's expertise in natural bio-active ingredients (resveratrol, glutathione, berberine...), micro- and macro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, essential fatty acids...), as well as a permanent scientific surveillance taking into account the most recent international publications, has enabled us to market more than 500 innovative food supplements, in the most bioavailable forms, with synergistic actions, constantly improved to ensure optimal effectiveness on your health.

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