Perturbateurs endocriniens (Endocrine Disruptor)

Detoxify regularly against endocrine disruptors

  • Formula developed by Dr Jacques Bassier*;
  • The first food supplement for targeted detoxification against endocrine disruptors;
  • Innovative combination of a synergistic complex for an indispensable global action and specific active ingredients to protect against endocrine disruptors;
  • Curcumin patented Curcussentiel® highly bioavailable: 270 X more bioavailable than a standard extract;
  • Optimal bioavailability : Micronutritional complex Suvimine 13®;
  • High Quality Process®;
  • Clean Label THERASCIENCE;
  • Capsules 100% of plant origin;
  • Natural lemon taste.

* Doctor in Medicine graduated from the Faculty of Marseille

PHY361 - 10 sachets + 30 capsules + 10 capsules :

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