Perméa+ without microbiota

Specific and synergistic formula for the balance of the digestive barrier

  • Formula developed by Pr Lionel Bueno* ;
  • Synergistic and innovative combination of 5 bio-active ingredients (Fibrassentiel®, Curcussentiel®, Boswellia serrata, pomegranate and quercetin), 3 amino acids (L-glutamine, L-taurine and N-acetylcysteine) and a micronutritional complex;
  • Curcumin patented Curcussentiel® highly bioavailable : 270 X more bioavailable than a standard extract;
  • Optimum bioavailability : Magnesium in glycerophosphate form;
  • High Quality Process®;
  • Clean label THERASCIENCE;
  • Stevia : Sweetener 100% natural origin;
  • Natural orange taste.

*INRA Research Director

* INRA Research Director

PHY190 - 20 sachets + 20 capsules :
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