SOD Superoxide Dismutase



Superoxide Dismutase is an enzyme (a protein) involved in the mechanism of elimination of superoxide ions and free radicals, highly reactive elements responsible for oxidative stress and cellular ageing.


The benefits

Superoxide Dismutase helps to visibly reduce cellulite, a disorder of the subcutaneous metabolic tissues that affects 80% of women after puberty.

THERASCIENCE Laboratory’s special features

The Superoxide Dismutase used by THERASCIENCE Laboratory is a patented active ingredient (SOD B Dimpless®) extracted from melon and titrated at 480 IU (International Units).

It is the only orally available active ingredient with clinically proven efficacy on cellulite.

A 40 mg daily supplement of SOD B Dimpless® visibly reduces the cellulite present on the thighs by 9.5% after just 28 days.

After 56 days of supplementation, a 94% increase in lipolysis is observed, as well as a 7.5% reduction in adipocyte size.

For more information, click on SOD B Dimpless®.



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