Pectinase is a generic term for an enzyme capable of degrading the pectin contained in the walls of plant cells.


Pectinase is a glucosidase (enzyme that degrades complex sugars) which belongs to the family of hydrolases (enzymes that carry out hydrolysis and therefore require the presence of water molecules to carry out this reaction).



Pectin is a polysaccharide, i.e. a complex carbohydrate made up of 70 to 100 galacturonic acid residues. Pectinase acts on pectin and breaks the bonds between two galacturonic acids. As a result, its action is responsible for better digestion of fruits and vegetables.

The benefits

  • Pectinase is an enzyme that breaks down the pectin present in the walls of the plant cells that make up fruit and vegetables. Pectin promotes the digestion of carbohydrates.
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