Multivitamin complex: 13 vitamins + 7 minerals + choline + inositol

  • Formula developed by specialised nutritionists and surgeons;
  • VitaCholine®: Patented Biotechnology for stabilised, high-quality and highly bioavailable choline ;
  • Patented Ferrochel™ iron in chelated form (bisglycinate), stable and ionically neutral, guaranteeing better intestinal absorption, without side effects ;
  • Patented Lynside® Forte Se+ selenium in selenomethionine form guaranteeing optimal bioavailability ;
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  • Optimal bioavailability of the forms used in vitamins and minerals :  
    • Vitamins B2, B6, B9 and B12 in coenzyme form ;
    • Vitamin K2 in menaquinone-7 form ;
    • Chromium in picolinate form ;
    • Selenium in enriched yeast form ;
    • Iron and zinc in bisglycinate form.
  • Capsules 100% of plant origin;
  • Clean Label THERASCIENCE
PHY324 - 60 capsules :

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