As defined by ISAPP (International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics), postbiotics are "preparations of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components conferring a health benefit on the host".

Postbiotics thus contain whole yeast or bacterial cells, or fragments thereof, or fragments of micro-organism structures such as walls, membrane proteins, with or without metabolites (organic acids, peptics, proteins, enzymes).


On the other hand, a metabolite resulting from microbial growth, present on its own, such as butyrate for example, is not considered a postbiotic. It must therefore be designated by its chemical name. By analogy, wine, which is derived from the fermentation of grapes, is not considered a postbiotic. Moreover, postbiotics are also different from microbiota strains (probiotics), which are living cells.

Research on postbiotics is still in its infancy. However, a number of studies have shown that postbiotic intake helps to stimulate and strengthen the immune system, reduce nasal congestion and symptoms caused by seasonal viruses, as well as promote gut health.



Postbiotics are inanimate microbial cells that act in complement and synergy with prebiotics, microbiota strains and microbiota metabolites.


THERASCIENCE specific features

THERASCIENCE Laboratory has selected the postbiotic EpiCorTM, derived from the biotechnological yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, obtained by a unique and exclusive fermentation process, with clinically proven efficacy in supporting the immune system and the beneficial modulation of the intestinal microbiota.

EpiCor™ postbiotic is safe, well tolerated and has no side effects. It is guaranteed non-GMO and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Scientific publications

Postbiotics are the subject of over 260 scientific publications.

The selection of our active ingredients is constantly guided by numerous scientific publications, based on randomised double-blind clinical studies versus placebo, in humans, guaranteeing a real scientific value. The doctors, pharmacists and engineers of the THERASCIENCE Laboratory have selected some of these publications for you :


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