Chemical name:

2-(dimethylamino) acetic acid


Dimethylglycine, also known as DMG, is a molecule derived from glycine. Dimethylglycine is said to have several areas of application.


According to studies, it promotes the response of B and T lymphocytes, leading to increased antibody production and modulation of cytokine secretion. DMG improves the reactivity of the immune system, thus helping to fight viral and bacterial infections.


At the cardiovascular level, dimethylglycine has beneficial effects in cases of hypertension. It improves coronary circulation and also helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Dimethylglycine is also used in sportsmen and women to improve their performance and endurance. It promotes the use of oxygen by the cells during exercise and reduces hypoxia. DMG reduces the production of lactic acid, increases the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids and promotes muscle recovery after exercise.



  • Dimethylglycine promotes tissue oxygenation and helps to reduce hypoxia.

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