Tasting Desserts / Yogurt

An assortment of Lignaform yogurt and cream flavors in one package, a must-try!

  • A tasting set to make your breakfasts flavorful and varied!
  • Pack of 7 preparations containing:
    - 1x Caramel cream;
    - 1x Hazelnut praline cream;
    - 1x Coconut-flavored cream;
    - 1x Vanilla cream from the islands;
    - 1x Red berries flavored yogurt;
    - 1x Peach yogurt;
    - 1x Vanilla flavored yogurt.
  • Approved from the active phase.
  • Allergens: nuts, milk, soy, sulfites.
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FD33 - Box of 7 sachets :

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