Protein diet : Lignaform preparations

Protein diet : Lignaform preparations

Discover all our savoury, sweet and mixed preparations (5 preparations per case and 7 preparations for the shandies). 

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The Method Lignaform - Preparations


They are presented in the form of powder to be reconstituted (soups, omelettes, pancakes, drinks...). These low-carbohydrate and protein preparations will accompany you in your efforts to lose weight.

The products in this brand require a Certificate of No Contraindication (CNCI) issued by your health professional in the form of an individual code. To find out what a CNCI is, click here.

In order to order these products, you must identify yourself and enter your Non Contraindication Certificate Number (NCCN).

If you do not yet have a N.C.C.I. number, contact our customer service department who will refer you to the Lignaform specialist health professional nearest you, or fill in the form to obtain the doctor's contact details by clicking here.

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