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Clean label Therascience

Our commitment to quality guarantees natural formulas, from active ingredients to excipients, with no artificial colours or flavours, no aspartame, no titanium dioxide, no GMOs, no nanoparticles, no irradiation, no colloidal silica, no preservatives, not tested on animals and produced in Europe.




For all our products, from active ingredients to excipients, we systematically offer natural formulas that respect the THERASCIENCE "clean label" :


  • Natural ingredients :
    - Plants, mushrooms, algae benefiting from the High Quality Process® ;
    - Natural bio-active ingredients ;
    - Natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements;
    - Selected strains of microbiota
    - Essential fatty acids benefiting from the : Epax®, Alaskomega®, ECO-Harvesting® et Friend of the sea® labels, which guarantee eco-responsible, environmentally-friendly fishing ;
  • No artificial colours or flavours ;
  • No aspartame ;
  • No titanium dioxide (E171) ;
  • No GMOs ;
  • No nanoparticles ;
  • Non-irradiated ;
  • No colloidal silica ;
  • No preservatives ;
  • Not tested on animals ;
  • 100% natural origin capsules ;
  • Made in Europe.



Furthermore, in order to limit its environmental impact, the THERASCIENCE Laboratory now favours digital rather than paper media.

Clean Label

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