Therascience partnerships

Therascience partnerships

In our desire to improve the health of our fellow citizens, our laboratory has from the outset chosen to be involved in the training of health professionals through our various training programs, our presence at numerous scientific congresses and our partnerships with various medical associations.




Our mission is to work towards improving the health and well-being of the population. For more than 20 years, we have therefore been committed to establishing long-term partnerships with various players in the health sector.


The objectives of these partnerships are to support healthcare professionals by helping them to improve the care of their patients, and to pass on our expertise to younger companies by working with them on the formulation of their products.


From its inception, we have been sensitive to the original objective of the EIPP, which was to establish a close and constant link between researchers and health professionals in the field. Over time, the relevance of this objective has only increased and the different forms of development adopted have always been in perfect harmony with the expectations and values of our Laboratory.

  • To train health professionals in the basics and fundamentals of physionutrition and phytotherapy ;
  • Develop validated diagnostic guidance tools to accompany and assist professionals in the management of their patients ;
  • Educate and sensitize the general public on the basics of physionutrition while working with governments and universities to make physionutrition an integral part of nutrition.

The Resource Centre

Here again, the global, complementary and conventional approach of the Cancer Resource Centre has proven to be fully in line with our values :

  • Optimizing therapeutic results in complete safety for cancer patients ;
  • Improve treatment tolerance ;
  • Act to better prevent and reduce the risk of the consequences and recurrences.

So vitamin

Aware of the fact that each individual is unique and therefore requires personalised micronutritional supplementation, this start-up offers "tailor-made" supplementation to meet the specific needs of each person. To formulate its products, it takes into account the person's health objectives, lifestyle, eating habits and any clinical signs, thanks to scientifically validated questionnaires. A quick and easy online process that :

  • Responds specifically to the needs of an active and increasingly connected generation
  • Provides access to quality and innovative products
  • Takes into account environmental issues with eco-responsible products
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