The values at the heart of our culture

The values at the heart of our culture

Innovation, quality, bioavailability, efficiency, naturalness and expertise are the values at the heart of our culture !

«For 25 years, the key to our success has been our ability to constantly surpass ourselves »


Innovation is one of the major concerns of Laboratoire THERASCIENCE. We reinvent ourselves daily, constantly improve our formulas and develop new products by systematically using the latest scientific advances.

As a reflection of our values, Dr. Jean-Pierre Agarra of THERASCIENCE was awarded the Prix de l'Innovation at the Trophées de l’Éco by Mr. Frédéric Genta, inter-ministerial delegate in charge of the Digital Transition within the Monaco Government.




This prestigious prize rewards 25 years of innovation and perpetual research, to develop each year more than ten new formulas and to constantly improve our existing formulas.



The notions of QUALITY, BIOAVAILABILITY and EFFECTIVENESS are inseparable from each other.
It is these 3 immutable criteria that constantly guide our asset choices :


  • Innovative patented raw materials (Cognizin®,Gutgard™, Pylopass™...). For more information, click here ;
  • Quality essential fatty acids, in triglyceride form, with labels such as Epax®, X.O® and Flexitech®. For more information, click here ;
  • Vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable form. For more information, click here ;
  • Plants (extracts and powders) carefully selected and originally controlled, meeting strict bacteriological criteria, and whose extracts are titrated for optimal efficiency. To find out more, click here ;
  • Strains of microbiota selected for their safety, their resistance to salivary, gastric, biliary and pancreatic juices, their capacity for growth in the intestine and their proven beneficial effects in humans. All our strains are individually microencapsulated by a proprietary Probio-Protect® process to allow their controlled release in the gut. They are also packaged in gastro-resistant capsules (DR caps™) to avoid any alteration by gastric juices. To find out more, click here ;


For all our products, from active ingredients to excipients, we systematically propose natural formulas :

  • Plants, mushrooms, algae benefiting from the High Quality Process® label ;
  • Natural bio-actives ;
  • Natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements ;
  • Selected strains of microbiota ;
  • Essential fatty acids benefiting from the labels: Alaskoméga®, ECO-Harvesting® and Friend of the sea® which guarantee eco-responsible, environmentally friendly fishing. To find out more, click here
  • Titanium dioxide free ;
  • No artificial colours or flavours ;
  • GMO-free ;
  • Not irradiated ;
  • No aspartame ;
  • No colloidal silica ;
  • Not tested on animals ;
  • Capsules 100% natural origin.
No artificial colouring or flavouring
Gmo free
Not tested on animals
Capsule 100% of vegetable origin
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