Linoleic acid

schéma Acide Linoléique


Linoleic acid (LA) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid of the omega-6 family. Linoleic acid cannot be synthesised by the body. It is found in large quantities in vegetable oils, particularly grapeseed, sunflower, borage and walnut oil.


Linoleic acid has the distinction of being the only essential omega-6 fatty acid.

Its small size makes it a precursor of the other omega-6s synthesised from this molecule.


Linoleic acid also plays a role as a precursor of hormones (eicosanoids). It also participates in the synthesis of skin cell membranes and helps to limit water loss which causes skin dryness.

Omega-6 contributes to the reduction of bad cholesterol levels in the blood (LDL).

The benefits

Linoleic acid helps maintain normal cholesterol levels. As an essential fatty acid of the omega-6 family, linoleic acid is also necessary for the normal growth and development of children.


Scientific publications

Linoleic acid is the subject of more than 18 802 scientific publications.


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