Latin name:

Borago officinalis L.

Common names :

Borage, borage




Near East, Europe

Part of the plant used:




Native to the Near East and widespread in Europe, this plant takes its name from the Arabic word "Abou-rash", which means "the father of sweat", due to its sweat-inducing properties. Although the diuretic and soothing properties of borage are attributed to its flowering tops, it is mainly the oil extracted from its seeds that is used in phytotherapy. This oil is indeed very rich (18 to 25%) in γ-linolenic acid, borage being one of the plants offering the highest concentration of this omega-6 fatty acid.

The benefits

  • Hydration of the skin: the consumption of borage oil modifies the metabolism of membrane fatty acids, which improves the function of the skin in elderly people;
  • Prevention of the appearance of wrinkles;
  • Combats the loss of skin elasticity.

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