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Cytidine-diphosphate-choline (CDP-choline)


Citicoline is a precursor to the synthesis of phospholipids, in particular phosphatidylcholines present in the cell membrane.

In addition, citicoline allows the synthesis of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter of the central nervous system. This molecule therefore plays a role in neurological health.

Acetylcholine receptors are involved in the sleep/activity cycle, pain, anxiety, movement control as well as memory and attention. However, the amount of citicoline decreases with age. Another disadvantage comes from the low presence of citicoline in the diet.

The benefits

  • Citicoline is a precursor of acetylcholine (neurotransmitter) and phosphatidylcholine (membrane phospholipid).

Particularity of the THERASCIENCE Laboratory

The THERASCIENCE Laboratory uses a patented form of citicoline: Cognizin®. This is synthesised via a natural fermentation process, guaranteeing a stabilised and allergen-free citicoline.

Clinically proven, the effectiveness of Cognizin® citicoline improves memory and intellectual performance, notably thanks to its neuro-protective and neuro-repairing properties.




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