Cognizin® : a patented form of citicoline with proven efficacy


Citicoline (CDP-choline) is an essential precursor for the synthesis of membrane phospholipids, including phosphatidylcholine, and acetylcholine in the central nervous system.


Cognizin® citicoline is synthesized through a patented natural fermentation process, guaranteeing a stabilized and allergen-free citicoline.
The efficacy of citicoline Cognizin® on the improvement of memory and intellectual performance has been clinically proven, in particular thanks to its neuroprotective and neurorepairing properties.

graph 1

An initial study conducted versus placebo in 16 healthy patients aged 42 to 53 years showed a significant improvement in brain activity after 6 weeks of supplementation(1).

graph 3

A third randomized versus placebo study of 75 adolescents showed an improvement in attention and psychomotor speed after 28 days of supplementation(3).


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2. McGlade E. et al., Improved attentional performance following citicoline administra- tion in healthy adult women. Food and Nutrition Sciences. 2012;3:769-773.
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