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Cellulase is an enzyme capable of degrading cellulose, a dietary fibre that is the main constituent of plants, and more particularly of their cell membranes. Cellulose is a polysaccharide made up of long linear chains of up to several thousand linked glucoses.


The hydrolysis of cellulose by cellulase allows the breakdown of this fibre and leads to the release of glucose.



The human body does not produce cellulase and is therefore unable to digest cellulose, which can lead to various digestive disorders, such as dyspepsia, resulting in symptoms such as intestinal gas, bloating and pain.


The benefits

Cellulase is an enzyme that is not biosynthesized by the human body.


Through its ability to break down cellulose, it facilitates the digestion of cellulose which, although not directly assimilable, is nevertheless an essential plant fibre for the proper functioning of the intestinal flora.


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Publications scientifiques

Cellulase is the subject of more than 8823 scientific publications.


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