Dietary fibers are polysaccharides belonging to the carbohydrate family.

There are two categories of fibers: on the one hand, insoluble fibers, which do not dissolve in water, and on the other hand, soluble fibers which, conversely, dissolve in water.



The first ones have a very high swelling power, and as such will allow to accelerate the transit and to support the satiety, thus helping to control the appetite and the weight.


The second type, soluble fibers, become viscous when in contact with water and reduce the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, which slows the rise in blood sugar. However, it is essential to drink water throughout the day to benefit from the advantages of soluble fibers. Soluble fiber is found in fruits, vegetables and legumes. Insoluble fibre is found in the skins of fruits and vegetables, some legumes, and in whole grains, oilseeds and seeds.


These two types of fibres do not have the same effect on the body. Indeed, if insoluble fibers are to be favored for the good health of the digestive system, soluble fibers are beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Among soluble fibers, acadia fiber has beneficial effects on the regulation of transit. It is a powerful prebiotic, which means that it promotes the proliferation of good bacteria.


Other substances are part of prebiotics, such as fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). Composed of two sugars, fructose and glucose, FOS are digested by the intestinal flora but are not assimilated by the body. Although this type of prebiotic is generally well tolerated, people who are lactose intolerant, those who have gallstones or those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome are likely to have difficulty tolerating it. It is therefore advised to these people to adopt a low FODMAP diet for a better digestive comfort.

The benefits


    • Consumption of fiber results in lower blood sugar levels than consumption of foods containing sugars.


    • Fiber contributes to the normal functioning of the intestine.

    • Some high-fiber foods (beets, barley, oats, wheat) promote good bowel movement and help increase stool volume.
    • Wheat contributes to accelerate the intestinal transit.


The particularities of THERASCIENCE Laboratory

The THERASCIENCE Laboratory uses the patented acacia fiber Fibrassentiel®, with scientifically proven effectiveness and guaranteed FODMAP-free.


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