Fibrassentiel®: the patented acacia fibre with scientifically proven effectiveness and guaranteed FODMAP-free

The acacia fibre Fibrassentiel® present in TEOLIANCE Activ', PHYSIOMANCE Perméa and PHYSIOMANCE Perméa+ is a patented acacia fibre whose beneficial effects on health have been scientifically proven :
  • Powerful prebiotic properties ;
  • Increase in the production of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA), which promote the development of a quality mucous membrane ;
  • Regulation of inflammation markers ;
  • Restoration of intestinal permeability(1).

Fibrassentiel®'s quality commitments :

  • All-natural soluble dietary fiber from selected acacias ;
  • Guaranteed content of more than 90% soluble fibre on a dry basis ;
  • High digestive tolerance: progressive fermentation in the colon is very well tolerated, unlike other fibers ;


1. Use of a composition comprising arabic gum (ag) for improving gut impermeability Patent Pending WO/2015/162447; 2015.

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