exemple Lithothamne

Latin name :

Lithothamnium calcareum

Common name:


Family :


Origin :

Ireland, Brittany, Cournouaille

Part used :

Whole seaweed



Lithothamnion is a red calcareous seaweed of the Corallinaceae family. It grows in the waters of the Atlantic and the English Channel at depths of up to 60 metres. Rich in minerals, its skeleton contains calcium, magnesium and also 9% silicon, iron, potassium, iodine and copper.


This algae has beneficial effects on health. Thanks to the presence of calcium, lithothamnion is used to prevent osteoporosis and bone demineralisation. Moreover, this red algae has a basic pH and thus has the advantage of combating gastric acidity, which is often the cause of various disorders such as heartburn, heartburn or stomach cramps.


Beyond the digestive sphere, lithothamnion contributes to lowering the general acidity of the body, thus helping to maintain the acid-base balance of our body. Lithothamnion is also very useful in cases of cystitis because its action on the urinary pH creates conditions that are less favourable to the attachment and development of bacteria.


The benefits

Lithothamnion is an algae with multiple benefits. It has an alkaline pH which allows it to act as an anti-acid by participating in the acid-base balance.


Rich in calcium and other minerals and trace elements, lithothamnion helps to reduce the loss of bone mineral density in menopausal women.

Scientific publications

Lithothamnion is the subject of more than 14 scientific publications


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