The recommended daily intake of silicon is 30 mg.


Although there is no real deficiency of silicon in the human diet, the coverage of needs is however attenuated by the lack of dietary diversification, notably the low consumption of vegetables and fruit.


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  • In biology, silicon's status is that of a textural and macromolecular architectural agent, strongly present in collagen and proteoglycan-based support tissues. Silicon is essential for cell growth and trophicity (all nutritional functions) of tissues in humans and animals. Indeed, it is essential for the construction of fibrous proteins (elastin and collagen) and branched glycoproteins (proteoglycans), which support all the tissues of the body, whether they are soft or hard, flexible or rigid, connective or solidified.
  • Silicon is involved in many bone and joint functions. It plays a role in cartilage and in the calcification of bones tissue.

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