2 patented active ingredients, 1 strain of microbiota and 1 bio-active ingredient

  • Exclusive formula developed by Dr Vincent Renaud*;
  • Synergistic association of 2 patented active ingredients (Sulfodyne® and Gutgard™), 1 bio-active ingredient (turmeric) and 1 strain of microbiota (Pylopass™);
  • Patented inactivated strain Pylopass™ of Lactobacillus reuteri, with a unique mode of action and scientifically proven efficacy;
  • Patented extract Gutgard™ of deglycyrrhizinated liquorice root titrated in flavonoids, guaranteeing its effectiveness;
  • Patented Sulfodyne® broccoli seed extract titrated in sulforaphanes, which guarantees its effectiveness;
  • High Quality Process®;
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  • Clean Label THERASCIENCE;
  • Capsules 100% of plant origin.

* Doctor of Medicine graduated from the Faculty of Paris
Sulfodyne® is a registered trademark of Ingood by Olga 

PHY393 - 60 capsules :

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