Find well-being and serenity

Find well-being and serenity



According to a study by the Institute of Environmental Medicine (I.M.E.), more than one in two people declare themselves stressed at work.

Indeed, stress is omnipresent in our daily lives: pressure at work, family tensions, too intense pace of life... Its harmful effects can have repercussions on our health: headaches, sleep disorders, unexplained pain, mood disorders... And if this stress persists, the symptoms can worsen and, in the long term, lead to various illnesses.

To regain your serenity, don't wait and react immediately!

Stress is a vicious circle: the increase in magnesium losses (resulting from exposure to a stressful situation) leads to a deficit of this mineral, which in turn causes an increase in vulnerability to stress. Magnesium intake must therefore be increased through supplementation to limit the harmful effects of stress.

In order to optimise the action of magnesium, taurine is used synergistically for its calming properties on the nervous system. Cocoa flavonoids help limit feelings of anxiety, nervousness or irritability. These substances also help to facilitate falling asleep. Finally, B-group vitamins are essential elements in the fight against stress and its repercussions on the body.

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