Detoxify your body in a global way at each change of season

  • Formula developed by Dr Jean-Paul Curtay* ;
  • Food supplement for general detoxification ;
  • Complete formula combining 5 bio-active ingredients (broccoli, green tea, apple pectin, black radish and horsetail) with 3 amino acids (betaine, L-taurine and N-acetylcysteine) and a micronutritional complex ;
  • Patented Lynside® Forte Se+ selenium in selenomethionine form guaranteeing optimal bioavailability ;
  • Optimal bioavailability:

             - Magnesium in glycerophosphate form 1;
             - Zinc in bisglycinate form 2;

  • High Quality Process® ;
  • Clean label THERASCIENCE ;
  • Stevia : Sweetener 100% natural origin ;
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  • Natural lemon taste.

Exists in in 10 sachets, 30 sachets and 40 tablets

*Doc in Medicine graduated from the Paris-West Faculty of Medicine - René Descartes University, member of the New York Academy of Sciences and one of the pioneers of Nutritherapy in Europe.
1. Present only in the sachet formula
2. Present only in the tablet formula


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