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Tools for healthcare professionals

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In partnership with the European Institute of Physionutrition and Phytotherapy (IEPP), the Therascience Laboratory has developed tools for healthcare professionals to help with physio nutritional care.


    The Individual Macronutrient Intake Questionnaire is a quick and simple tool that assesses the nature and frequency of consumption of different types of food, in order to correct any nutritional errors.


    The Physionutrition Analysis, Screening and Orientation Questionnaire (QUADO) studies personal and family history, current treatments and functional signs in order to guide the healthcare professional towards the diagnosis of one or more physio nutrient imbalances. This questionnaire allows the practitioner to have a global vision of his patient relating to 8 balances (Microbiota, Intestinal permeability, Detox, Fatty acids, Acid-base, Oxido inflammatory, Mitochondrial and Neuromediators), and thus promotes both comprehensive and individualized care.


    The Endocrinology Assessment Questionnaire (QUEEN) is used to assess hormonal imbalances. It is based on a set of questions about the signs and symptoms experienced, as well as on the study of personal and family history. 11 hormones are considered : thyroid hormones, insulin, melatonin, growth hormone, pregnenolone, oestrogen, progesterone, aldosterone, cortisol, DHEA and testosterone. For each hormone, QUEEN assesses a potential deficit or excess of activity. This questionnaire therefore allows the healthcare professional to refine his diagnosis and adapt his treatment as best as possible.

  • PEG - PEN

    Healthcare professionals wishing to supplement their care with a cognitive-behavioural approach can use the PEG and PEN questionnaires.

    The Global Emotional Profile (PEG) is a computerized questionnaire, both simple and comprehensive, which makes it possible to identify in a comprehensive manner the root causes of the difficulties that a person is facing, as well as the factors that could slow down their process.

    The Nutrition Emotional Profile (PEN) is a complementary module to the PEG, which explores specific areas of nutritional problems.

    To find out more about the PEG and the PEN :

  • A follow-up over time

    All of our tools are designed to allow tracking over time. Each questionnaire can be completed several times. Thus, the healthcare professional can analyze the evolution of the results over time and adapt the initial treatment if necessary.

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