The Lignaform method - The advantages of the method

The advantages of the method LIGNAFORM

Slimming & weight loss



It is by basing itself on the latest scientific advances and relying on its expertise in proteins and nutrition that the Therascience Laboratory has been able to design and develop the LIGNAFORM method.

Discover the advantages of the LIGNAFORM method (under medical supervision) which, thanks to quality products, ensures optimal results :

  • The diagnosis of your dietary errors using scientifically validated tools and the monitoring of your doctor: better knowing and understanding the origin of your dietary errors (QUIDAM) and maintaining the results obtained to improve your quality of life ;
  • A personalized weight loss protocol ;
  • A progressive and adapted physical activity program ;
  • Personalized balance advice ;
  • Specific micronutrient supplementation ;
  • A feeling of well-being (psychostimulating effect of ketone bodies) ;
  • Rapid weight loss that avoids discouragement and facilitates the application of the LIGNAFORM protocol ;
  • The absence of a feeling of hunger (« appetite suppressant » effect of ketone bodies) ;
  • The protection of your muscle mass (thanks to the contribution of LIGNAFORM proteins) ;
  • The tone of your skin (thanks to LIGNAFORM proteins) ;
  • Great speed and ease of use (easy and quick preparations to cook, delicious "ready to use" easy to use) ;
  • A diversity of flavors which avoids all fatigue and any risk of failure ;
  • The exceptional taste quality of the LIGNAFORM range, fruit of the creativity of our Research & Development laboratory ;
  • A recipe booklet to vary the pleasures ;
  • A dietetic service at your service to advise and guide you ;
  • The flexibility of the program (passage from one phase to another according to medical advice and guaranteed results) ;
  • Long-term results : if it is correctly followed, our method allows you to modify your eating habits and stabilize your weight in the long term.

To obtain the contact details of a LIGNAFORM doctor or dietitian / dietitian, click here.

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