Sport and weight loss

Sport and weight loss

Slimming & weight Loss


To lose weight, redesign your figure or keep your new line, sport is your ally for success! By following the LIGNAFORM method, you can resume moderate physical activity from phase 3, respecting the advice of your health professional.

No need to be a great sportsman... A regular activity, and especially adapted, will be very quickly beneficial to you. And to keep you motivated, remember that 3/4 of the beneficial effects occur after 3 months of regular practice!

The beginner's sportsman's guide

It is not always easy to "get into sport" when you are a fan of idleness and cocooning...

Here are some simple tips to help you :

1. Set a reasonable goal:

Don't start by setting yourself a marathoner's programme with unattainable goals! Not only will you not make it, but you will give up the sport with guilt. Conversely, don't just do a bit of sport from time to time according to your schedule, the weather or the kids! Set a programme and try to stick to it (for example, 2 swimming sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, plus a jog on Sunday morning).

Do it gradually: you are getting back into physical activity, so your body needs to get used to it again, so make sure you only increase the intensity and pace very gradually.

2. Adapt your diet to your objectives

You're certainly getting fit and your body needs fuel to keep going, but don't use sport as an excuse to make up for your shortfalls!

Big dilemma: do you exercise on an empty stomach to increase your basic metabolism and increase weight loss, or on the contrary, eat regularly before, during and after exercise?

A reminder of our nutritionist's fundamental rules:

BEFORE:The ideal is to respect a 3 hour delay between your meal and your sports session. But if you can't resist, think about Lignaform ready-to-use products such as biscuits, bars...

DURING: Remember to drink regularly. If you exercise for more than 1 hour, fill up with carbohydrates and protein to keep you going.

AFTER: Don't throw yourself on a chocolate cake to reward yourself for your efforts! You need to think about replenishing your energy reserves and give priority to slow sugars, animal proteins (meat, fish, seafood), then finish with fruit. If you do sport during your lunch break or before dinner, replace your meal with Lignaform ready-made meals, which will provide you with the necessary proteins in a balanced and tasty dish!

Ask your THERASCIENCE consulatant doctor for advice on the best physical activity for you based on your profile and history!

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