Royal jelly, your vitality ally!

Royal jelly, your vitality ally!

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All Saints' Day holidays, drop in temperature, decrease in light: no doubt, autumn is well and truly established!

Low energy, psychological stress, feeling of overwork, even slight depression… do you have the impression that fatigue is winning over you and that you cannot overcome it? To regain vitality and tone, opt for natural and effective solutions!

Royal jelly, to knock out fatigue !

Did you know that thanks to royal jelly, a substance produced by worker bees, the queen bee lives 50 times longer than its congeners ?

You will therefore understand the craze for this real revitalizing cocktail !
Rich in vitamins A, C, E and D, royal jelly also contains all the vitamins of the B group, in particular vitamins B5 and B6 called « energy vitamins ».Concentrated in trace elements (iron, copper, phosphorus, etc.) and essential amino acids, it is your daily fitness ally !

Throughout the fall - winter, as soon as the need arises, take renewable 10-day royal jelly cures for an immediate and natural boost !

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