Role of omega-3s in weight loss

Role of omega-3s in weight loss

Vitamines, minerals and fatty acids


We have long been aware of the essential role of omega-3s in the proper functioning of our cardiovascular, cerebral and nervous systems.

But did you know that omega-3s also play an important role in our metabolism and influence our fat cells?

In fact, when supplied in sufficient quantities, omega-3s limit the multiplication of fat cells (adipocytes) and help fight inflammation such as the infamous cellulite.

Omega-3s are called essential unsaturated fatty acids because our body does not produce them. We must therefore provide them through our diet. In order to respect the Recommended Nutritional Intakes (A.N.C) of the AFSSA, we should consume 2 g daily, the equivalent of 10 nuts or a portion of cooked salmon. It is therefore necessary for this intake to be in the form of food supplements in order to meet nutritional requirements.

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