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Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti® L10 is a Gram-positive lactic acid bacterium belonging to the Firmicutes. It is notably present in cheeses such as Swiss Emmental, hence its Latin name "helveticus", or in parmesan cheese.


This bacterium has beneficial effects against the pathogen Candida albicans, which is present in the various mucous membranes of the body.


In fact, Lactobacillus helveticus stimulates the immune system to contribute to the lysis (disintegration of the cell membrane) of this fungus, and has an anti-inflammatory action at a local level.Lactobacillus helveticus also has anti-hypertensive and anti-mutagenic activity and inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

The benefits

Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti® L10 is a bacterium that offers many health benefits.


THERASCIENCE's special features

Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti® L10is a patented microbiological strain that acts at different levels to prevent and rapidly eliminate infections caused by yeasts such as Candida albicans.


In addition to competing with Candida albicans, Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti® L10 has the particularity of being involved in the stimulation of the production of nitric oxide (NO), a chemical messenger, by epithelial cells and phagocytes. In addition, our proprietary microbiota strain Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti® L10 contributes to the activation of immune system cells that synthesise interferon gamma (IFN-γ), a cytokine produced in the event of infection and therefore important for the immune system.


Together, NO and IFN-γ inhibit the transition of Candida albicans  to its mycelial form. It is particularly in this form that Candida albicans becomes pathogenic and releases toxins that cause inflammation. Finally, Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti® L10 is characterised by the anti-inflammatory role it plays thanks to its action on reducing the production of leukotrienes, in particular leukotrienes B4, molecules normally at the origin of the inflammatory reaction.


For optimal effectiveness, most of the microbiota strains of the THERASCIENCE Laboratory are individually microencapsulated to guarantee their quality and protection thanks to a patented biotechnological process Probio-protect®.


For more information, click on Probio-protect®.


Scientific publications

Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti® L10 is the subject of more than 836 scientific publications.


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