Melilotus officinalis

Latin name :

Melilotus officinalis (L.) Pall.

Common Name :

Melilotus officinalis

Family :


Origin :

Europe, Asia, North Africa

Part of the plant used :

Flower heads




Sweet clover is a plant traditionally used to treat venous circulation disorders, in case of heavy legs, cramps and oedema.


The flowering tops of sweet clover are used in phytotherapy. This plant is quite complete in terms of the molecules it contains. Indeed, sweet clover contains phenolic compounds, including phenolic acids (melilotic acid, caffeic acid) and flavonoids (kaempferol) with antioxidant properties, but also blood-thinning coumarins and triterpenic saponosides (melilotigenins, soyasapogenins) with surface-active power.


Among the venolymphatic circulatory properties attributed to melilot, its ability to improve microcirculation stands out, which reduces the permeability of the capillaries and increases the oxygen supply to the tissues. Its action on the vessel walls is particularly useful in cases of couperose and haematomas. In addition, this plant has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a mild anticoagulant.

The benefits

Sweet clover is traditionally used to promote good blood circulation in the micro-vessels (especially in case of haemorrhoids and for the lower limbs) in order to reduce the sensation of heavy legs.


In addition, sweet clover contributes to a better sleep and helps to reduce tension, agitation and irritability.

This plant contributes to digestive comfort and also preserves bone and joint health.


Scientific publications

Sweet clover is the object of more than 100 scientific publications.


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