Bird's-foot trefoil

Latin name :

Lotus corniculatus L.

Common Name :

Bird's-foot trefoil, Horned clover

Family :


Origin :

Europe, Asia, North America

Part of the plant used :

Flower heads



The birdsfoot trefoil, Lotus corniculatus, lets its papilionaceous flowers flutter in the wind from its proudly raised standard (upper part of the flower). Like two small yellow wings, this plant transports us peacefully away from stress and anxiety. It calms incongruous palpitations and takes us into the arms of Morpheus, making us forget the worries of life for a while.


The flavonoids, tannins and cyanogenetic compounds contained in birdsfoot trefoil are responsible for its anxiolytic activity. This plant is particularly useful for hyperemotional people and those suffering from mild depression. It also has sedative properties, ideal in case of insomnia and night wakings.

The benefits

Bird's-foot trefoil promotes the physiological resistance of the body in case of severe environmental conditions.


Scientific publications

Bird's-foot trefoil is the object of more than 317 scientific publications.


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