Gymnema sylvestre

Latin name:

Gymnema sylvestris R. Br.

Common name:





South India, South-East Asia, North Australia

Part of the plant used:




Gymnema, Gymnema sylvestris,is a creeping bush of the Milkweed family. Its Indian name literally means "which destroys sugar", which explains its properties which help to curb the appetite and, more particularly, to reduce or even eliminate the sensation of sweetness. This effect is due to gymnemic acid, which anesthetizes the taste buds responsible for the perception of sweetness, helping to reduce the craving for sweet foods.

Gymnema also contributes to the reduction of sugar absorption by the intestine and has a hypoglycaemic action, which is beneficial to health. It also has anti-diabetic properties and limits weight gain.

The benefits

  • Gymnema sylvestris helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels and contributes to weight control by reducing appetite and calorie intake.



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