Latin name:

Grindelia robusta Nutt.

Common name:





North America

Part of the plant used:

Flowering tops



Grindelia is a plant of the Asteraceae family. It owes its generic name to David Hyeronimus Grindel, a doctor and professor of pharmacy from the 18th century.

Grindelia is used in phytotherapy for its flowering tops which contain acids - phenols (ferulic, chlorogenic and caffeic acids), tannins, saponosides as well as flavonoids such as quercetol, kaempferol and apigenin.

Grindelia also has an essence consisting of borneol, terpineol and α/β-pinene, which is used for inflammatory coughs, bronchitis and hay fever.

This plant has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is also antibacterial thanks to the action of its polyphenols and saponosides. Thanks to its expectorant and antispasmodic properties, grindelia helps to soothe coughs.

The benefits

  • Expectorant and soothing, grindelia has a beneficial action on the respiratory tract and/or throat.



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