Erysimum officinale

Latin name :

Sisymbrium officinale L.

Common Name :

Erysimum officinale, Songwort

Family :


Origin :


Part of the plant used :

Flower heads



Erysimum, a herb of the Brassicaceae family (like cabbage or mustard), is a pubescent plant that can reach 90 cm in height. Its aerial flowering parts, as well as its small yellow flowers with four cross-shaped petals, are used in phytotherapy.


Its other name, "singer's herb", historically reflects its use by singers in cases of hoarseness or voice loss to soothe the throat and vocal cords. Due to the presence of glucosinolates (sulphur compounds), erysimum has a mucolytic and expectorant activity, promoting secretions from the upper airways, thus soothing the throat.

The benefits

Erysimum, Sisymbrium officinale, is used in cases of hoarseness to soothe the throat.


Scientific publications

Erysimum is the object of more than 110 scientific publications.


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