Latin name :

Desmodium adscendens DC

Common Name :


Family :


Origin :

West Africa

Part of the plant used :

Aerial parts



Desmodium, Desmodium adscendens, is a plant of the Fabaceae family, which grows on the trunks of cocoa trees. The properties of Desmodium were only discovered in the 1960s. Used in phytotherapy, desmodium leaves contain polyphenols, including flavonoids and anthocyanosides with antioxidant properties (vitexin, isovitexin) as well as tannins.


Desmodium is a plant with health benefits. It protects the liver cells against toxic molecules thanks to the presence of triterpenic saponosides, including soyasaponins. Desmodium also has anti-inflammatory properties.


It is indicated in cases of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NASH), also called fatty liver syndrome. Desmodium is also used for its nephroprotective properties. The antispasmodic and antiallergic effects of Desmodium allow its use in cases of asthma and chronic bronchitis.

The benefits

Desmodium acts as a hepatic drainer and promotes the proper functioning of the liver while protecting it.


Scientific publications

Desmodium is the object of more than 303 scientific publications.


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