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Agropyron repens L.

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Although quackgrass, Agropyron repens, is considered a weed by gardeners, as summarised by the colloquial expression "grow like quackgrass", its rhizome is nevertheless used in phytotherapy for its beneficial effects on the urinary system.


Quackgrass contains potassium, as well as polysaccharides, including inulin with diuretic properties, thus facilitating the elimination of toxins. This plant also soothes the urinary system. The presence of mucilage also allows its use as a cough suppressant.

The benefits

Quackgrass is a natural drainer that contributes to the urinary elimination functions and favours the detoxification systems of the body. It also acts on the metabolism and appetite, which leads to a reduction in body weight.


Scientific publications

Quackgrass is the object of more than 22 scientific publications.


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