Latin names :

Betula pubescens, B.alba   L.

Common Name :


Family :


Origin :


Plant parts used :

Leaf, Bark



The birch is a tree of about thirty meters in height, native to the northern hemisphere. A symbol of wisdom, it is also the national tree of Russia, bringing light, healing and warmth.


This tree of the Betulaceae family is used in phytotherapy for its leaves, bark and sap. Its leaves contain phenolic compounds, in particular phenolic acids (chlorogenic and caffeic acid), as well as flavonoids with antioxidant properties such as rutoside and hyperoside. It is in particular the presence of flavonoids and the richness in potassium that give birch leaves their diuretic properties.


In addition, these leaves contain tannins and an essence containing methyl salicylate, a molecule known for its anti-inflammatory action. Sesquiterpenes, molecules that act as venolymphatic decongestants, are also among the active constituents of birch.


Associated with the natural diuretic and depurative properties of the birch, the betulinic acid present in the bark of the tree is a molecule whose anti-inflammatory action proves useful in the event of urinary infection caused by the Escherichia coli bacteria. Birch is also indicated in cases of viral infection (herpes) and bacterial skin inflammation caused by Staphylococcus aureus (staphylococcus aureus), a pathogenic species whose growth is inhibited by birch.


Moreover, this tree is known for its detoxifying and protective role for the liver. Consumed in spring, birch sap has antioxidant and antispasmodic properties.

The benefits

Birch promotes the detoxification process of the body and has a beneficial effect on the activity of the liver, kidneys and intestinal tract. It is also involved in the regulation of blood cholesterol levels. In addition, this tree helps to strengthen the body's natural defences and induces the death of abnormally proliferating cells.

Birch is traditionally used to help mobility and flexibility of joints.


Scientific publications

Birch is the object of more than 5029 scientific publications.



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