Sodium is soluble in water and combines with chlorine to form sodium chloride, or what we commonly call "table salt".


Sodium and chlorine have several important functions in the body, not least because they are involved in many transport systems in the cell membranes - glucose and water uptake - making them essential in the regulation of blood volume and blood pressure.


Their exchange is the mechanism by which nerve impulses are transmitted and muscle fibres contract. Finally, without salt, there can be no normal digestion, because salt allows the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, an acid that is essential for the breakdown of food.


Essential to life, even if we are often warned against consuming too much salt, which can have harmful consequences for our health, it is important to know that salt is eliminated in abundance when we sweat a lot, which is why it is so important for sportsmen and women, for example, to consume salt.


High salt consumption is frequently associated with high blood pressure, which damages the heart, vessels and kidneys, and increases the risk of stroke. There is also evidence that excess salt leads to the elimination of calcium from the urine, which is important for the maintenance of good bone’s health.

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