Propyl-oligopeptidase is an enzyme of the hydrolase family.


Propyl-oligopeptidase is a serine peptidase which uses serine, an amino acid, to break the peptide bonds involving amino acids present in the proteins to be degraded.


This enzyme is useful in the maturation of proteins, but also in the digestion of gluten.



Gluten is made up of prolamins and glutenins, storage proteins in plants, present for example in oats and wheat.

Prolamines are rich in proline and glutamine. However, the high content of these two amino acids prevents the total degradation of the prolamines, which then leads to the production of toxic oligopeptides.

The benefits

Propyl-oligopeptidase cleaves the peptide bond between a proline and another amino acid. By its action, it limits the production of toxic oligopeptides resulting from the incomplete degradation of prolamines.

Propyl-oligopeptidase facilitates the digestion of proteins, and more particularly, the digestion of gluten for people with intolerance.

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The particularities of THERASCIENCE Laboratory

In order to facilitate the digestion of people with intolerance and following a gluten-free diet, THERASCIENCE uses a patented oligo-peptidase specific to proline: Tolerase® G, which is present in its product PHYSIOMANCE® Glutenless.


To learn more about Tolerase® G, click here.


To know more about PHYSIOMANCE® Glutenless, click here.


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