exemple Alkylglycérols


Considered a real panacea in Japan, shark liver oil is particularly rich in omega-3 as well as in vitamin A and also in alkylglycerols (AKG).


More than fifty publications report on the properties of shark liver oil and AKGs.



Alkylglycerols are known to have an anti-tumour effect against both the proliferation of cancer cells and the formation of metastases. In addition, AKG can be recommended during radiotherapy treatment to reduce the side effects. Alkylglycerols are beneficial to the immune system. They also increase the mobility of spermatozoa.

The benefits

Alkylglycerols provide nutritional support before, during and after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.


THERASCIENCE special features

The shark liver oil used by THERASCIENCE Laboratory has a TotOx index of less than 8, thus guaranteeing the quality and low oxidation of the oil.

Our shark liver oil comes from ethical fishing that meets criteria such as the protection of endangered species and the practice of sustainable fishing that preserves marine resources. Shark liver oil and alkylglycerols from Laboratoire THERASCIENCE are certified X.O®, a patented process that optimizes the stabilization and purification of oils while delaying the effects of oxidation.


To find out more about the X.O® process, click here.


Scientific publications

Alkylglycerols is the subject of more than 137 scientific publications.


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