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Latin name :

Citrus x sinensis

Common name :


Family :


Origin :

Southeast Asia

Part of the plant used :




The first records of the orange tree (Citrus x sinensis) come from China, where it was already used more than 4,200 years ago for its beneficial properties. It then followed the silk route to Europe, where it was cultivated from the 15th century onwards.

This Citrus tree genus is well known for its sweet, fleshy fruit, characterised by its juicy pulp. Oranges contain vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system as well as reducing fatigue.

Many flavonoides are also present in the peel of this citrus fruit. These include hesperidin and naringin. For the bacteria of the microbiota, these two flavonoids play a prebiotic role, i.e. they allow the proliferation of "good" bacteria, and more particularly those capable of producing butyrate (Roseburia intestinalis, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii …).

Butyrate itself has many benefits, including intestinal health, and is involved in the synthesis of mucus. Mucus is a film that helps protect the intestinal mucosa and limits the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria to the cells of the intestine.

Orange is a particularly interesting bio-active ingredient, which has a beneficial effect on intestinal health and immunity.


The orange is a citrus fruit well known for containing vitamin C, a vitamin with an antioxidant effect that tackles oxidative stress and is also involved in the proper functioning of the immune system.


THERASCIENCE special features

THERASCIENCE Laboratory has selected the active ingredient MicrobiomeX®, a registered extract of orange and grapefruit, standardised in hesperidin and naringin, with clinically proven efficacy in supporting the immune system and improving the intestinal defences.


Scientific publications

Orange is the subject of more than 3 430 scientific publications.

The selection of our active ingredients is constantly guided by numerous scientific publications, based on randomised double-blind clinical studies versus placebo, in humans, guaranteeing a real scientific value. The doctors, pharmacists and engineers at THERASCIENCE Laboratory have selected some of these publications for you.

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