Lemon balm

Latin name:

Melissa officinalis L.

Common names:

Lemon balm, Lemon balm,

French tea, Bee pepper





Part of the plant used:




Probably originating from Asia Minor, this perennial plant has been introduced into the western part of the Mediterranean basin. The crumpled leaves give off a slight lemon scent, their essential oil being rich in molecules identical to those found in lemon essential oils. Lemon balm is used in salads or drinks, which it flavors with a tasty lemon touch.Lemon balm leaves are traditionally used in infusions for their antispasmodic properties. The famous Eau de mélisse des Carmes, of which Cardinal de Richelieu is said to have been a great fan, obviously contains some.

Although the lemon balm leaf is composed of polyphenols which are thought to have antiviral properties, it is above all the molecules of its essential oil which are responsible for its main properties.

The benefits

  • Sedative action - fights against sleep disorders;
  • Anti spamodic activity - reduces digestive discomfort of nervous origin.

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