Clary sage

Latin name:

Salvia sclarea L.

Common name:

All-good / Wound grass




Mediterranean Basin - Europe

Part of the plant used:

Air parts



Do you know the saying, "He who has sage in his garden, doesn't need a doctor”?. Sage is aptly named in Latin, "Salvia", from the Latin salvare which means "to save". Among this botanical genus, the clary sage, Salvia sclarea, is particularly known for its essential oil.

The latter is made up of 80% esters, including linalyl acetate, but also diterpenol, and more particularly sclareol, a molecule with hormonal regulating properties. This explains the use of clary sage essential oil for its oestrogen-like properties (oestrogenomimetic) and its stimulating action on oestrogen receptors.

It acts on the premenstrual syndrome as well as on the hot flushes typical of the menopause.

The tops of the plant consist of flavonoids, triterpenes and diterpenes, but also tannins, including rosmarinic acid.

Clary sage has an antispasmodic and antioxidant effect. It stimulates ovulation, has analgesic properties and provides relief from painful periods.

The benefits

  • Clary sage strengthens the body's resistance and has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It supports the body's natural defenses and helps to combat colds. In addition, this plant protects against the excess of free radicals caused by alcohol, tobacco or pollution, these same radicals being at the origin of the oxidative stress responsible for the premature aging of our cells.



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