Chemical name:

2-amino-3-hydroxybutanoic acid

Abbreviations :

Thr / T


Threonine is an essential amino acid. The organism T is not capable of synthesing it. Therefore, it must be provided through diet.


Threonine is a hydrophilic amino acid which has a hydroxyl group (-OH) on its side chain, just like serine.



The presence of the -OH group allows threonine to be involved in reactions such as phosphorylation. Within proteins, threonine can also bind to carbohydrate molecules, known as glycoprotein.

This is for example the case of mucin, the glycoprotein of mucus, which is rich in threonine. The coating of mucin with carbohydrates prevents it from being broken down.

The mucus then carries out its various functions. It humidifies the inhaled air and warms it up. It also captures different particles (bacteria, viruses, dust) and destroys them thanks to the antibodies, enzymes and proteins it contains.

Mucus is also present in the intestines. It favours the implantation of bifidobacteria ("good bacteria") and contributes to the diversification of the microbiota.



  • Threonine, an essential amino acid, is not synthesised by the body. It is present in mucin, a glycoprotein in mucus that helps to ensure the body's defense and protection functions against bacteria and viruses.

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