Royal jelly


Known as "bees' milk", royal jelly is secreted by young bees to feed the larvae in their very first stage of development. This gelatinous substance is the exclusive diet of the queen bees.


Composed mainly of water (50 to 65%), it also contains sugars (15%), proteins (13 to 18%), lipids (3 to 6%), minerals (1.5%), vitamins (from the B group, such as B1 and B5), and trace elements.


In addition to these elements, royal jelly contains what is probably the best known and most studied active ingredient: 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (10-HDA). Royal jelly contains 2% of this fatty acid, described as having the property of slowing down the ageing of the body.


A mysterious component, this fatty acid has long been referred to as the "R-factor", for rejuvenation factor. Royal jelly also contains royalisin, a peptide that has an effect on Gram-positive bacteria. This peptide fraction is said to have an inhibiting effect on pathogenic germs (Bacillus larvae, Bacillus subtilis, Sarcina lutea), fungi and viruses.


The benefits

  • Royal jelly is traditionally used to reduce all forms of fatigue and stress. It ensures the proper functioning of the brain, improves mood disorders and helps to combat depression. Royal jelly also strengthens immunity and stimulates the vital organs. Royal jelly may play a (significant) role in accompanying sexual and menstrual disorders, and is said to contain estrogenic compounds, which explains its beneficial effects on menopausal women.

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